Wednesday 8 November 2023

'He's Always Mad About Something' by The Formellas

(official release 2nd April 2023)
‘He’s Always Mad About Something’
Written/published by: Carl Dixon (PRS/MCPS) © 2014  
Bandtraxs (PPL) ℗ 2023

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Bandtraxs are delighted to release 'He's always mad about something' performed this time by The Formellas. This is a throwback to a mid 1970s east coast disco style production which may have emanated from the likes of Philly & New York. The recording process is over, the mix/masters are complete for an official release on the 2nd April 2023. The original version was by The Delgonives released in 2017.  

The drums were recorded in Detroit, the guitars, bass and horns all recorded in Nashville. Thank you to Drew, Sam, Gary, Mark, Roy and Mike as usual. The track listing looks like this:

  1. He’s always mad about something (Vocal Radio Mix)                   GBXNE2200001  3:31
  2. He’s always mad about something (Instrumental Radio Mix)        GBXNE2200002  3:30
  3. He’s always mad about something (Extended Vocal Mix)             GBXNE2200003  4:34
  4. He’s always mad about something (Extended Instrumental Mix)  GBXNE2200004  4:32
  5. He’s always mad about something (Trombone Vocal Mix)            GBXNE2200005  3:31
  6. He’s always mad about something (Mono Vocal Mix)                   GBXNE2200006  3:31
  7. He’s always mad about something (Sounds Like 70s Vinyl Mix)   GBXNE2200007  3:31
  8. He's always mad about something (Vocal Deluxe Mix)                 GBXNE2200008  3:31
A number of mixes exist which may appeal to Music Supervisors for their programming/production needs and those who may just like instrumentals or alternative versions. This release includes a first 'Vocal Deluxe' version and features an octave difference on some of the strings, a male background vocal in addition to the female ones and a glockenspiel punctuating the strings in places. The 'Trombone' mix changes the last chorus by removing the lead vocal and only using the solo ad lib which is on all the other vocal versions with the chorus. In addition there is extra trombone in that same segment which makes it uniquely different compared to the other vocal versions. I have had some positive feedback regarding previous 'Sounds like vinyl' mixes which has encouraged me to make available on this release too. Dust, warp, hum, noise can be added digitally and here with a view to replicate a mid 70s stereo 45 rpm vinyl record. 

Title: He's always mad about something
Writer: Carl Dixon
Published by: Carl Dixon (PRS/MCPS)
Artist: The Formellas
Label: Bandtraxs (PPL)
ISRC number: GBXNE2200001 to GBXNE2200008
UPC: 198004307048
This release: 2nd April 2023
Recording location: London/Nashville/Detroit/Salford

Drums: Drew Shultz
Baritone, alto & tenor sax: Sam Levine
Trombone: Roy Agee
Trumpet: Mike Haynes
Guitar: Mark Baldwin
Bass guitar: Gary Lunn
Keyboards/tambourine: Carl Dixon

Drew Schulz

Sam Levine

Gary Lunn

Mark Baldwin

Mike Haynes

Roy Agee

      Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions 
      © 2014 the song (PRS/MCPS) & ℗ 2023 these recordings, Carl Dixon (PPL)

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© Carl Dixon 2023  All Rights Reserved