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'Blame' by The Delgonives

11th MARCH 2022

Written by: Carl Dixon, Sean O’ Connell, Steve McCarthy-Hunt (PRS/MCPS/PPL) © 2014 
℗ 2022

Performed by

Bandtraxs are delighted to release 'Blame' performed by 'The Delgonives' written during a song writing retreat in 2014 at the Monnow Valley recording studio, Monmouth, Wales. This is the fruit of that labour after the three of us, myself, Steve McCarthy-Hunt and Sean O' Connell walked into the studio control room with just a guitar, pen & paper and an iPad with GarageBand, plus we had never met or collaborated together previously. The remit was simple: write a song together, so we did. 

Title: Blame
Written by: Carl Dixon, Sean O’ Connell, Steve McCarthy-Hunt
Artist: The Delgonives
Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC numbers: GBXNE2000031 to GBXNE2000037
Sleeve art: Michelle Dixon
This release: 11th March 2022  
Recording location: London/Salford/Nashville/Detroit
Drums/Percussion: Drew Schultz (Detroit)
Baritone and tenor sax: Sam Levine (Nashville)
Trombone: Roy Agee (Nashville)
Trumpet: Mike Haynes (Nashville)
Guitar: Mark Baldwin (Nashville)
Bass guitar: Gary Lunn (Nashville)
Keyboards: Carl Dixon (London)
Harmonica: Alan Jones (The Piccadilly Rats -Salford)
That tinkly piano idea: Simon Moss (The Clouds - Manchester)

Thanks to all the musicians Stateside mentioned above.

Big thanks for Sean and Steve for making it easy to come up with something from scratch like this. It's a great story and maybe one day we'll be able to it tell together somewhere.

Thanks to Rita Campbell of BASCA (at that time) who organised the song writing retreat in 2014 at Monnow Valley and sent us in to the control room to collaborate. 

Thanks to Simon Moss who has always been one of the best sounding boards for anything musically I create. His attention to detail and knowledge is unrivalled especially as being the drummer from the 90s Manchester band 'The Clouds'.

Thanks also to Alan Jones of 'The Piccadilly Rats' for listening to the recording demos in its early days of production in MediaCityUK/Salford. It took a while to realise that some harmonica on the track would be special, which he kindly did.

Big thanks to Michelle Dixon for the excellent sleeve art completed well before I needed it. The photo is of the River Humber facing south from North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, England. Photo © Carl Dixon

 1) Blame - vocal radio mix
   2) Blame - instrumental mix
  3) Blame - vocal guitar mix
       4) Blame - vocal hornless mix 
        5) Blame - saxophone inst mix
  6) Blame - Mono vocal mix
                      7) Blame - Sounds like 60s mono vinyl 

Monnow Valley Residential Recording Studio & Rehearsal Facility

Drew Schulz

Sam Levine

Gary Lunn

Mark Baldwin

Mike Haynes

Carl Dixon at Monnow Valley  -  Photo © Carl Dixon 2014

Please also listen to 'Coming Home' by The Delgonives (Carl Dixon/Rikki James) which was also written at that same 2014 song writing retreat.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions

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© Carl Dixon 2022