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'Soul Recession' by Double Exposure


September 2009


(Eli/Green/Dixon) ℗2009 Soultronics



They are back - ‘Double Exposure’. A brand new song with thought provoking lyrics and great harmonies, as this fresh Philly production will attest. Times have changed and the group are vocal about today’s recession. Which recession, there is more than one?

'Soul Recession’ is a brand new recording by legendary Philly group ‘Double Exposure’ renowned for their terrific harmonies and celebrated releases on Salsoul Records. Including disco’s very first official 12” record ‘Ten Percent’, they also cut songs like ‘My love is free’ and ‘Everyman’ which remain popular today by still being played in clubs and on radio stations around the world.

‘Double Exposure’ are James Williams, Joseph Harris, Charles Whittington and Leonard ‘Butch’ Davis who were originally called ‘United Image’ back in the 1960’s. They have been singing together since junior high school and have remained friends ever since. The opportunity to record ‘Soul Recession’ was presented to them recently by legendary Philly producer, writer and musician, Bobby Eli; their cumulative magic can be heard on these terrific new productions.

Backed by some of Philadelphia’s finest and renowned session musicians including some original members of MFSB like Earl Young, Bobby Eli, Dennis Harris, Jimmie Williams, T Conway, and Rikki Hicks, the track scrutinises today’s recession implications with a soulful upbeat performance just made for the dance floor. The rhythm, music and vocals were all recorded at Bobby Eli’s legendary ‘Studio E’ in Philadelphia, where writer/producer Bobby Eli, writers Chiquita Green and Carl Dixon, the musicians and ‘Double Exposure’ bounced ideas off one another to create this classic piece of new Philly soul.

In addition to the Bobby Eli mix of ‘Soul Recession’, we include two very special mixes created by music industry gurus John Morales and Tom Moulton. Their pedigrees go back many years as both pioneered early mixing techniques for dance records to extraordinary levels and are still extremely creative with their productions today. Their exceptional contribution to dance music is historic and we can now share and enjoy their enthusiasm again with these distinctive renditions of ‘Soul Recession’. Also included is the ‘announcer’ version of the song featuring Philly personality Jerry Wells who introduces the track with a bespoke news statement just for fun! Being an early incarnation of the song and created the same week the rhythm tracks were recorded in the studio, we felt its inclusion on this selection important. In addition, check out the rather unusual and clever “Ali Baba’s ‘Watcha Gonna Do’ mix”.

We would also like to introduce our very special guest Chiquita Green who performs as the featured artist on bonus track ‘There I go falling in love again’. Internationally acclaimed Chiquita has travelled the world as a professional vocalist and songwriter for over twenty years and has worked on numerous projects with the likes of Patti LaBelle, Deniece Williams, Russell Thompkins Jr, Ted Mills, Jean Carne and Stevie Wonder. Her vocal production skills and expertise are clearly audible on all the recordings celebrated here today.

So take heed, listen please; ‘Double Exposure’ are back!

Track listing

1) SoulRecession (a BobbyEli mix) 4’35”
2) SoulRecession (a BobbyEli mix instrumental) 4’35”
3) SoulRecession (aTom Moulton mix)8 ’35”
4) Soul Recession (a Tom Moulton mix instrumental) 8’18”
5) SoulRecession (a John Morales mix)10’47”
6) SoulRecession (a John Morales mix instrumental)7’15” 
7) Soul Recession (Ali Baba’s ‘Watcha Gonna Do’ mix) 4’21” 
8) Soul Recession (Radio Announcer mix) 4’ 36”
9) There I go falling in love again by ChiquitaGreen 3’42” 
10)There I go falling in love again (instrumental) 3’42”

All songs written by:

Bobby Eli/Chiquita Green/Carl Dixon (Soultronics Music/BMI, PRS) © 2009

Produced, recorded and mixed by:

Bobby Eli at Studio E Recording, Upper Darby, PA
except tracks 3 & 4 mixed by Tom Moulton and tracks 5 & 6 mixed by John Morales

Musician acknowledgments

Drums: Earl Young
Bass guitar: Jimmie Williams 
Keyboards: T Conway & Bobby Eli 
Guitars: Bobby Eli & Dennis Harris 
Percussion: Rikki Hicks
Tambourine: Chiquita Green
Additional percussion on track 5 & 6: John Morales

Radio 'voice over' on announcer version by: Jerry Wells UPC 884502192759

© 2009 Soultronics Records All Rights Reserved