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'Suddenly There's You' by Pree (Original 2008 Studio Mix)

‘Suddenly There's You’
(original full studio mix)
Written by: Carl Dixon/Karen Pree © 2008
CHD Publishing (PRS, MCPS) ℗2020 Bandtraxs/Carl Dixon

Performed by

The unmistakable voice of Pree who performs "Suddenly there’s you” a rhythmic piece of danceable soul with overtones from the 1960’s. The original song concept was written in London 2003 and made its final journey to Detroit, Michigan for completion in 2008. Dennis Coffey produced the track for Bandtraxs Productions at ‘Studio A’, Dearborn Heights, Detroit. The arrangement was by the renowned David J. Van De Pitte and in addition the track features some legendary session musicians from the heart and soul of the city. Pree played an important role in providing her vocal and song arranging talents to make this project work as well as being a co-writer of the song. 

This release features the original full length studio vocal and instrumental versions which have never been available before and in addition, three original demos that helped pave the way for this being ultimately recorded in Detroit. The 2003 and 2006 demos were first aired on the Salford radio station WFM by UK soul connoisseur DJ Harry Grundy in 2006 giving credence to the song and his conviction meant a studio booking two years later to record the song for real. The official digital release for the shorter version was 2009 and in addition, 45 rpm 7” vinyl pressings were commissioned later utilising the same shorter mix.

Title: Suddenly there’s you (short/full studio versions)
Writers: Carl Dixon (PRS)/Pree (ASCAP) 
Artist: Pree 
Label: Bandtraxs 
Production: Dennis Coffey & Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions
Artwork: Michelle Melkman 
Studio Sleeve Art Photo: Johnnie Sue Bridges
ISRC number: GBXNE2000001/2/3/4/5 
This release: 15th June 2020 
Original song incarnation: 2nd March 2003 (first demo version) 
Recording location: Studio A, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, March 2008 
Demo recording locations: London 2003/6 
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Artists and session musicians on ‘Suddenly there’s you’ - studio version 
Lead Vocals: Pree 
Backing vocals: Spyder Turner, Gayle Butts, Pree 
Drums 1: Uriel Jones 
Drums 2: Spider Webb 
Percussion 1: Dennis Sheridan 
Percussion 2: Larry Frantangelo 
Guitar 1: Dennis Coffey 
Guitar 2: Ray Monette 
Bass guitar: Bob Babbitt 
Steinway Grand Piano: Robert Jones 
Horns 1 Trumpet: John Trudell 
Horns 2 Trumpet: David Jennings 
Horns 3 Trombone: Edward Gooch 
Horns 4 Tenor sax: George Benson 
Horns 5 Baritone sax: Mark Berger 
Vibraphones: Rob Pipho 

Arranger & Studio Conductor: David J. Van De Pitte 

Produced by 

Dennis Coffey for Bandtraxs Productions

Recording location Studio A Recordings Inc 
5619 North Beech Daly 
Dearborn Heights 
Michigan 48127-3927 

Engineered and mixed by Todd Fairall 
Assistant engineer Jezreel Santos 
Mastered by Eric Morgeson 

Demos written, produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon in London between 2003 and 2006

Musicians on London/England demo versions 
Guitar, bass guitar, keys: Carl Dixon 

Drums Uriel Jones and Pistol Allen from 'The Drummers of Motown' collection painstakingly sequenced and edited by Carl Dixon

© Carl Dixon 2020

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