Monday 6 November 2023

Detroit Session Pomo 2008

This short promo showcases the talent used to create some great Detroit music in March this year (2008). Retro in style, the songs feature great musicianship and performances from all concerned including the legendary Dennis Coffey, who produced the session and the singing talent which featured Spyder Turner and Pree. This proves without a doubt great sounding soul can still be recorded in the city in this day and age.

The arrangements were by David J. Van De Pitte (Motown/MarvinGaye 'What's Goin' On', solo Sax by George Katsakis of The Royaltones fame and Gil Bridges from Rare Earth. Drums by Uriel Jones and Spider Webb, Percussion by Denis Sheridan and Larry Fratangelo, Vibes by Rob Pipho, Guitars by Dennis Coffey, Ray Monette, Bass guitar by Bob Babbit and the Steinway Grand featured Robert Jones.

See further down this blog for full versions of those recordings.

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