Friday, 19 February 2021

'You Ain't Changed' by The Delgonives


‘You Ain’t Changed’
Written by: Carl Dixon (PRS)/Johnny Pryers © 2017

Performed by


Bandtraxs are delighted to release this version of ‘You ain’t changed’ by The Delgonives, co written by UK performer Johnny Boy Pryers and established UK songwriter Carl Dixon. It follows on from the earlier 2018 release by Johnny Boy also on Bandtraxs Records. This collaboration resulted in a truly authentic sounding blue-eyed soul masterpiece with elements of 60s Detroit soul and Carolina Beach Music. Carl and Johnny had communicated via email since 2007 with a view to someday working together and after meeting face to face at a Butlin’s soul weekender a few years ago, they decided to come up with a song idea and pursue a vocal for it. What transpired after scratch vocals were laid down by Carl for Johnny’s version, it was realised this could easily be a contender for a future ‘The Delgonives’ release also as it fits their style perfectly. Cleverly using the same backing tracks, a number of mixes now exploit the terrific melody and groove of this song and give it further appeal. There are also six instrumental versions to enjoy also.


Title: You ain’t changed
Writers: Carl Dixon/Johnny Pryers
Published by: CHD Publishing
Artist: The Delgonives
Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC number: GBXNE1700081 to GBXNE1700087
UPC: 191924137917
Sleeve art: Michelle Dixon
This release: 2nd April 2021
Recording location: London/Nashville/Detroit
Drums : Drew Shultz
Baritone and tenor sax: Sam Levine
Trombone: Roy Agee
Trumpet: Mike Haynes
Guitar: Mark Baldwin
Bass guitar: Gary Lunn
Keyboards: Carl Dixon

1) You ain't changed - Vocal 
           2) You ain't changed - Instrumental
                        3) You ain't changed - Instrumental sax mix
                        4) You ain't changed - Instrumental vibe mix
                           5) You ain't changed - Instrumental organ mix
                                    6) You ain't changed - Instrumental rhythm plus mix
                               7) You ain't changed - Instrumental sax/vibe mix

Produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions
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© Carl Dixon 2021

'Rough & Ready' by Bandtraxs and The Trenton Independents

15th March 2021

'Rough & Ready' (Album)
Twelve badly written, produced, mixed and mastered instrumentals by Carl Dixon
 for Bandtraxs productions

Performed by


Bandtraxs are delighted to release this terrible album showcasing twelve badly written, produced, mixed and mastered songs from the last twenty years never officially released before. 

These productions have a 60s Detroit and 70s Philly feel and utilise real drums on some tracks recorded in Philly for example. Elements on other tracks were recorded in Los Angeles, whilst others use 'The Drummers of Motown' on the rhythm tracks. All the other musical elements were produced in London, England.

In essence, these songs are now ready for vocals and a more fuller production in the future. This album is showcasing these songs and their potential with a view to exploiting them further.


'Caesars Reply' was written around 2011/2012 and was originally called 'The night we called it a day', but a search proved there was another song already with this catchy title. Drums were done by Jeff Leonard at Bobby Eli's Studio E/The Grooveyard in Philadelphia.

'Stretchin' Out' commenced its first journey around 2000 with some Salsoul samples which were free with a magazine called 'Future Music'. They invited song writers to contribute a song using those samples in a competition they had organised. At that time there were simple lyrics/vocals, but not used here and doubt they ever will be again.This production does not have those samples. The drumming style is similar to that of Earl Young (TSOP, MFSB, The Trammps 1972/75) as indeed the MFSB musicians who are a massive influence.

'Teasing Georgia' a song written in 2014 with TSOP/MFSB in mind.

'Latte Straight' similarly to 'Caesars Reply' with drums recorded at the same session in Philly.

'Clearly' a song written in 2013 with TSOP/MFSB in mind.

'Boo' written specifically for Dennis Coffey around 2004. I had hoped he may use it for his live performances in Detroit. It wasn't his style he said :-) 

'Lover Unknown' was written for a UK female soul singer as a demo circa 2014. However, it never got as far as this version. It was just a few synth bars when conceived and was never sent to the singer. There are plans for a vocal and fuller production in the future.

'The Swing' and 'Flaming Pie' both written in 2004 as a TV theme and break bumper attempt for the Detroit 'Ryder Cup' golf tournament being covered by a UK satellite station in this territory. It never worked out because I was not a member of the PRS/PPL back then and knew nothing about the music business.

'Whether you like it' from 2004 was a vocal song idea for a late 60s non Detroit, maybe Chicago sounding number. There are some demo vocals that will never be released and it is something I may work on in the future.

'That creaky old chair' was an attempt in 2003 to create something 60s Detroit and specifically Ric Tic in sound. They were a competing label to Motown, but also had some of The Funk Brothers moonlighting there in the studio after their sessions 'up the road'.

'Dear Tammi' written circa 2000 as a tribute to Motown, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Part lyrics were published in 'My Sister Tommie - The Real Tammi Terrell' by Ludie Montgomery and Vickie Wright (Bank House Books 2005). The drums on here feature 'The Drummers of Motown'. There are scratch male vocals and are work in progress.



Album Title: Rough & Ready
All songs written by: Carl Dixon (PRS/MCPS)
Artists: Bandtraxs & The Trenton Independents
 Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC number(s): GBXNE2000011/GBXNE2000024
UPC: 191061388777
Sleeve art: Michelle Dixon

This release: 15th March 2021
Recording locations: London/Philadelphia/LA

Caesar's Reply 
Drums: Jeff Leonard (Recorded at The Grooveyard/Studio E by Bobby Eli) USA
Guitar 1& 2: Studio Pros LA
Guitar 3: Carl Dixon
© 2012

Stretchin’ Out
Bass guitar: Studio Pros LA
Guitars: Carl Dixon UK
© 2001

Teasing Georgia
© 2014

Latte Straight
Drums: Jeff Leonard (Recorded at The Grooveyard/Studio E by Bobby Eli) USA
© 2013

© 2013

The Trenton Independents
Drums: Drummers of Motown
© 2004

Lover Unknown
The Trenton Independents
© 2020

The Swing
Drums: The Drummers of Motown
Bass guitar: Carl Dixon UK
Guitars: Carl Dixon UK
© 2004

Whether You Like It
The Trenton Independents
© 2004

Flaming Pie
Drums: The Drummers of Motown
Bass guitar: Carl Dixon UK
Guitars: Carl Dixon UK
© 2004

That Creaky Old Chair
Drums: The Drummers of Motown
Bass guitar: Carl Dixon UK
Guitars: Carl Dixon UK
© 2003

Dear Tammi
The Trenton Independents
Drums: The Drummers of Motown
© 2000

Terribly written, produced, sequenced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions

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© Bandtraxs/Carl Dixon 2021

Monday, 4 January 2021

'Glory Fleeting' by Spyder Turner


‘Glory Fleeting’
Written by: Carl Dixon (PRS)

Performed by

'Glory Fleeting', one of four new songs recorded at Studio A/Dearborn Heights in 2008. Featuring legend vocalist and performer Spyder Turner, this tune reflects our will to seek out, yet, suffer the consequences of war. Sadly those on the session like arranger David J. Van De Pitte, Bass player Bob Babbitt, trumpet player John Trudell and drummer Uriel Jones have since passed away. The album includes a number of the original demos sent over to Detroit prior to the session. 

Title: Glory Fleeting
Writers: Carl Dixon (PRS)
Artist: Spyder Turner
Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC: GBXNE0800003
UPC: 700261949970
Recorded: March 2008
Recording location: Studio A/Dearborn Heights/Detroit/Michigan/USA

Production: Dennis Coffey and Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions
Recording location: Studio A, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, March 2008

Lead Vocals
Spyder Turner

Backing vocals
Spyder Turner
Gayle Butts

Drums 1: Uriel Jones
Drums 2: Spider Webb
Percussion 1: Dennis Sheridan
Percussion 2: Larry Frantangelo
Guitar 1: Dennis Coffey
Guitar 2: Ray Monette
Bass guitar: Bob Babbitt
Steinway Grand Piano: Robert Jones
Horns 1 Trumpet: John Trudell
Horns 2 Trumpet: David Jennings
Horns 3 Trombone: Edward Gooch
Horns 4 Tenor sax: George Benson
Horns 5 Baritone sax: Mark Burger
Vibraphones: Rob Pipho
Sax solos: Gil Bridges & George Katsakis

David J. Van De Pitte

Produced by
Dennis Coffey and Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions

Recording location
Studio A Recordings Inc
5619 North Beech Daly
Dearborn Heights
Michigan 48127-3927

Studio A
Engineered and mixed by Todd Fairall
Assistant engineer Jezreel Santos
Mastered by Eric Morgeson

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© Carl Dixon 2009