Thursday 14 March 2024

'Walk Away The Winner'/The Formellas (CDO) - March 2024 Demo 70s 'Sounds Like Vinyl Vocal Mix 10'

This is the latest March 2024 mono vocal mix 10, 'Sounds like vinyl of 'Walk Away The Winner', in effect the first ever vocal version of the song since its conception in 2009. I'm currently playing with vocal ideas for the end sequence and will also be looking at the guitar work that needs doing. There are a couple of options for that including keeping some of the original demo work done between 2009/2012 and adding some session guitar work for example. Lead vocals are complete, it's now just tweaking the b/v's/ending.

It's more than likely vocal version releases will be billed as 'The Formellas' and instrumentals as 'CDO' the latter being the name on the original demos uploaded to YouTube in 2009. To be decided.

This version created in Logic Pro February/March 2024.

Music Publishers/Record Labels
This song/audio does NOT contain the 1974 'TSOP' (MFSB) song melody, any Salsoul drum samples or include any Philly musicians on the recording. The publisher who instigated a copyright claim against me last year, with no apology after they rescinded it, does not have a clue about the stress and anxiety that caused.

Philly/Funky/Disco fans in Italy (Bologna)
This composition (and some elements of the 2009/2012 demo versions/release on this recording) is from 2009 NOT 1975. The official released (x 2) version was 2013. Any Italian '1975 mix' tapes that contain this song features one of my 2009 demos which is currently not posted anywhere or available as having two Salsoul (drum) samples in.

All versions may sound a little 'Philly' and that was my intention. There is another legitimate (Funk Brother) sample hi hat figure from 'The Drummers of Motown' CD a number of times in these productions which was only recorded in 1999 with either Uriel Jones or Pistol Allen playing, or maybe even both. It is on every demo and released version that has been available therefore impossible to be on a 1975 demo/release/acetate etc.

A number of individuals felt the need to publicly call me a liar and intimidate me on line regarding this composition and the 2013 production/release. They too are totally unaware of the stress and anxiety they caused with their dissection of the recording(s) that I wrote, produced and released. I cannot remember exactly what I did yesterday never mind in 2009 with respects to the demos I placed on SoundCloud and YouTube and since deleted. As far as I am aware they are still hunting for an 'original' version from the 70s that does not exist. On the other hand, some Americans and Canadians have been extremely interested and complimentary about the song & history and I thank them. I guess I have to put this down to experience.

BOBBY ELI R.I.P. - MFSB, TSOP, Salsoul Orchestra musican, song writer, producer and mentor

This song/production (version), when/if released will be dedicated to my Philly friend Bobby Eli who recently passed away. Since 1974/5 I became aware of his talents and eventually I met him in 2003. Over time we got to know each other along with his lovely wife Vonnie. We co wrote (along with Chiquita Green), produced and released 'Soul Recession'/Double Exposure 'There I go falling in love again'/Chiquita Green.

He, along with all the MFSB, Salsoul, TSOP, PhillyGroove musicians, writers, producers etc inspired and gave me hope for my music. I thank them all.

I have decided not to pursue clearance for the two Salsoul samples used in my 2009 'Walk Away The Winner' demo. It is far too complicated and costly so I will potentially release a 2024 version which does include some 2009 demo & 2013 release elements plus other updates and the vocal which is now complete. I am just tweaking b/v's and the ending to fade out of the song.

This is the officially registered first released version of 'Walk Away The Winner' from 2013👇 (click image)

The 2009 demos, although in existence, I am unable to post.

WRITTEN & PRODUCED IN ENGLAND - Not Philly, not Detroit, not the USA or the Moon, but London & MediaCityUK.

 Song ©Carl Dixon 2009, ℗2024 

 ++ NOT for airplay - thank you ++ 

 Stay tuned for 'Sounds Like Vinyl' Mix 11

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