Tuesday, 23 February 2021

'Blame' by The Delgonives


Written by: Carl Dixon, John O’ Connell, Steve McCarthy-Hunt (PRS) © 2014

Performed by

Bandtraxs are delighted to announce this new release (coming soon 2021) by The Delgonives which was written at the Monnow Valley recording studio in Monmouth, Wales in 2014 during a song writing retreat organised by BASCA. This is the fruits of that labour after three of us walked into the studio control room with just a guitar, pen & paper and an iPad. 


Title: Blame
Writers: Carl Dixon, John O’ Connell, Steve Mcarthy-Hunt
Published by: CHD Publishing
Artist: The Delgonives
Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC number: GBXNE2000031 to GBXNE2000037
Sleeve art: Michelle Dixon
This release: June/July 2021
Recording location: London/Nashville/Detroit
Drums/Percussion: Drew Schultz
Baritone and tenor sax: Sam Levine
Trombone: Roy Agee
Trumpet: Mike Haynes
Guitar: Mark Baldwin
Bass guitar: Gary Lunn
Keyboards/tambourine: Carl Dixon

Song written at Monnow Valley Studios 2014

Produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions

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© Carl Dixon 2021

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