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'Glory Fleeting' by Spyder Turner


‘Glory Fleeting’
Written by: Carl Dixon (PRS) ℗2009 Bandtraxs/Carl Dixon
©2004 originally called '8' and 'Napoleon'

Performed by

'Glory Fleeting', one of four new songs recorded at Studio A/Dearborn Heights in 2008. Featuring legend vocalist and performer Spyder Turner, this tune reflects our will to seek out, yet, suffer the consequences of war. Sadly those on the session like arranger David J. Van De Pitte, Bass player Bob Babbitt, trumpet player John Trudell and drummer Uriel Jones have since passed away. The album includes a number of the original demos sent over to Detroit prior to the session. 

Title: Glory Fleeting
Writers: Carl Dixon (PRS)
Artist: Spyder Turner
Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC: GBXNE0800003
UPC: 700261949970
Recorded: March 2008
Recording location: Studio A/Dearborn Heights/Detroit/Michigan/USA

Production: Dennis Coffey and Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions
Recording location: Studio A, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, March 2008

Lead Vocals
Spyder Turner

Backing vocals
Spyder Turner
Gayle Butts

Drums 1: Uriel Jones
Drums 2: Spider Webb
Percussion 1: Dennis Sheridan
Percussion 2: Larry Frantangelo
Guitar 1: Dennis Coffey
Guitar 2: Ray Monette
Bass guitar: Bob Babbitt
Steinway Grand Piano: Robert Jones
Horns 1 Trumpet: John Trudell
Horns 2 Trumpet: David Jennings
Horns 3 Trombone: Edward Gooch
Horns 4 Tenor sax: George Benson
Horns 5 Baritone sax: Mark Burger
Vibraphones: Rob Pipho
Sax solos: Gil Bridges & George Katsakis

David J. Van De Pitte

Produced by
Dennis Coffey and Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions

Recording location
Studio A Recordings Inc
5619 North Beech Daly
Dearborn Heights
Michigan 48127-3927

Studio A
Engineered and mixed by Todd Fairall
Assistant engineer Jezreel Santos
Mastered by Eric Morgeson

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Song copyright © 2004
© Carl Dixon 2009

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