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'Loving you always came easy' by The Delgonives


'Loving You Always Came Easy'
Written by: Carl Dixon
Published by: Carl Dixon/CHD Publishing (PRS) © 2015

Performed by
                                     Bandtraxs Records – Release date 29th June 2015.                                 

The official release date is the  29th June 2015 and the track can be purchased from Amazon, iTunes and all leading download and streaming services.

Listen here on YouTube

Following on from this year’s earlier release of  'Soul Girl' Parts 1 & 2 which was a collaboration with US writer/producer/performer Robert Paladino, The Delgonives perform a new original song with a familiar beach and 1960's feel again. The song was written by Carl Dixon and the melody takes the clock back to around 1965 to give it a ‘Carolina Beach’ sound with a sprinkling of Motown here and there. This is the sixth 'Delgonives' release in two years and this time, a new composition seemed very appropriate rather than a cover to exploit the groups passion for singing both old and new songs. A number of vocal and instrumental versions are available to download, including the shorter organ and vibraphone recordings. All current Delgonives vocals are recorded in London/England, but the guitars, bass and horns for example on this song are recorded in LA.

In the past, Carl Dixon co wrote and produced Spyder Turner and Cherokee Pree in the ‘Motor City’ with legend Dennis Coffey and some of the great ‘Funk Brothers’ back in 2008. Later that same year Carl teamed up with Philly legend Bobby Eli where they co wrote, along with singer songwriter Chiquita Green, four new songs in his ‘Grooveyard’ studio. The two released songs from that session are ‘There I go falling in love again’ sung by Chiquita and ‘Soul Recession’ by legendary Salsoul recording harmony group ‘Double Exposure’ famous for such releases as ’My love is free’, ‘Ten percent’ and ‘Every man’.

Title: Loving you always came easy
Writer: Carl Dixon
Published by: Carl Dixon/CHD Publishing
Artist: The Delgonives
Label: Bandtraxs
Production: Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions
ISRC number: GBXNE1500011,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
UPC: 889211678945
Artwork photo: Michelle Dixon
Sleeve art: Michelle Dixon
This release: 29th June 2015
Recording location: London/LA

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon for Bandtraxs Productions

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© Carl Dixon 2015

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