Friday 10 May 2024

'Walk Away The Winner'/The Formellas (CDO) - May 2024 Demo 70s 'Sounds Like Vinyl Vocal Mix 11

MAY 2024 - The current vocal version of 'Walk Away The Winner' by The Formellas (CDO) now with the new guitar work.

'Walk Away The Winner' was conceived in London 2009 after I returned from a visit to Philadelphia for writing and recording other material with Philly MFSB/TSOP/Salsoul Orchestra legend Bobby Eli. It spent a few years being tweaked and was included on the 'Make Five' album by Bandtraxs, released in 2013. The first demos in 2009 were billed as CDO as the 'artist' as I didn't have a proper group name established then. Those early demos were created on an old version of Logic Audio (Windows). I was angry when Logic Audio stopped supporting Windows updates and were bought out by Apple, however the final work for the 2013 released version(s) was completed on a new MAC computer and Logic Audio (circa 2010 to 2012). This is the latest vocal version featuring The Formellas where the vocals were recorded in 2024.

MUSIC Publishers/Record Labels
This song/audio/recording does NOT contain the 1974 'TSOP' (MFSB) song melody, any Salsoul drum samples or include any Philly musicians. Thanks to the world wide publisher who instigated a copyright infringement claim against me via YouTube and then rescinded it after I stood my ground. And, still no apology.

PHILLY/Funky/Disco fans in Italy (Bologna)
This composition is from 2009 NOT 1975 and the official released version(s) were 2013 and yes, it is slightly different in places to the previous demos. Any Italian '1975 mix' tapes that contain this song features one of my 2009 demos (speeded up by approx 5% with added reverb) which is currently not posted anywhere or available as having two Salsoul (drum) samples which I cannot use or clear. All versions may sound a little 'Philly' here and there, but are not. That was my intention. There is another legitimate (Funk Brother/Drummers of Motown) sample hi hat figure used a number of times in these productions which was only recorded in 1999 and released on CD for music creators/song producers/writers. It's on every demo and released version that has been available to date including the version on the '1975' DJ Miki CIAK mix tape. The libellous comments on social media telling the world that I stole the song are disgraceful. Thank you to some Americans and Canadians who have been interested and complimentary about the song and its history.

The legitimate sample CD where a hi hat figure was obtained for use in the production of 'Walk Away The Winner'. This CD was released in 1999.

BOBBY Eli - MFSB, The Salsoul Orchestra, The Interpretations, The Philly Groove Orchestra
This song/production (version), when/if released will be dedicated to my Philly friend/co producer Bobby Eli who passed away in 2023. We co wrote (along with Chiquita Green) and produced 'Soul Recession' performed by Double Exposure & 'There I go falling in love again' performed by Chiquita Green. He, along with all the MFSB, Salsoul Orchestra, TSOP, PhillyGroove musicians, writers, producers etc inspired me to write and produce.

Salsoul label/Future Music Magazine competition samples
I have decided not to pursue clearance for the two Salsoul samples used in my 2009 demo(s), which appears on the DJ Miki 1975 mix tape. It is far too complicated and costly so I will potentially release a 2024 version which will include some 2009 demo & 2013 release elements plus other updates and a vocal. I was hoping to secure permission to use the 2009 demo on the 2024 album which had the samples included, but sadly that will not happen now.

As I have found my 2009 demos, all those who dispute its legitimacy would be able to hear for the first time the FULL version I created and not the shorter excerpt on the '1975' mix tape if I posted it on line. The mix tape scenario which by definition can only have been compiled after 2009 when I wrote the song and uploaded a version to YouTube/SoundCloud, could be something DJ Miki did believing that WATW was a 1975 unreleased gem. Or, somebody else has made a mix tape up in the last few years after DJ Miki's sad passing.

WRITTEN & PRODUCED IN ENGLAND - Not Philly, not Detroit, not the USA or the Moon, but London & MediaCityUK. This version evolved via my Windows/MAC computers and the various Logic (Audio) Pro software from 2009 to May 2024 in London/MediaCityUK using midi/files/audio etc from 2009 onwards. The various early mixes/demos were processed though 'Cool Edit Pro' and later 'Adobe Audition' then uploaded to YouTube/Soundcloud with video processing in 'Adobe Premiere' where necessary. Complicated, tell me about it!

Song instrumental ©Carl Dixon 2009. Some lyrics written in ©2009 & the balance ©2023

++ NOT for airplay - thank you ++
The first official instrumental releases of 'Walk Away The Winner' by Bandtraxs were in 2013. They were mastered at Metropolis Studios, Chiswick, West London on the 2nd January 2013 by Tim Young.

Stay tuned for 'Sounds Like Vinyl' Mix 12 & release updates

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