Sunday, 25 October 2009

Finally - 45's arrived in London - Spyder Turner/Pree

Hear Spyders and Pree's tracks on the Bandtraxs Youtube:

Finally, my 45 rpm 7" records have arrived in London after a journey from 'Archers' pressing in Detroit. I got an express delivery for a basic package from UPS because they collect everyday from Archers and they just put my consignment on the truck early. Sales are slowly starting to move and I have pitched the price at £10 including delivery for retail customers for the moment. I think for this project that is a little too low because of the costings and import freight, duty and vat expenses on top of American production costs. Wholesale customers, of which there are not that many, are small independents and cannot afford to lay the money out so require SOR (sale or return) to be able to even consider a purchase. However, after my initial investment last year, I cannot afford to give credit either, no matter how much I want the songs heard. So, here comes the next part of the story...the distribution of the 45's to places they will be heard and then hopefully some of those who hear the tracks know where to buy them. Purchase details are on the right hand side.