Monday, 20 July 2009

Dennis Coffey talks about my session on Radio 6 Craig Charles Saturday 19th July 2009

Hear Dennis Coffey talking about the project to Craig Charles Saturday 19th July 2009:

You will have to zoom down to about 47 minutes. 'Tell me' played earlier on the show too!

Vinyl Labels for Detroit session recordings

My wife spent hours yesterday designing the 45rpm labels for two Detroit recordings. The plan is to commission 2 x 45's (Tell me/Suddenly there's you) with instrumentals on the 'B' side. They are both getting some airplay here in the UK on BBC radio 6, Craig Charles Soul & Funk Show, with Peter Young, Ian Dewhirst, Richard Felstead and even Tony Blackburn up on Hull's KCFM! There has been a couple of lovely offers to do the vinyl for me and take that worry away, I intend to see this project through from the actual song writing to distribution and airplay, I would very much like to soldier on, maybe relying on these helpful people to guide me through with any difficulties I encounter. They are far more experienced than I, but again I feel obliged to continue as planned. Once done, I can maybe contact them with a view to other future projects and opportunities.