Thursday 9 November 2023

'Walk Away The Winner'/CDO - Nov 2023 Demo 70s 'Sounds Like Vinyl' Mix 8

 I am working on this update of my 'Walk Away The Winner', a mid 70s east coast sounding instrumental. This is the latest version on YouTube👇 Just click the image to play and get dancing!

Music Publishers/Labels
This song/audio does NOT contain the 1974 'TSOP' (MFSB) song melody, any Salsoul drum samples or include any Philly musicians on the recording. 

Philly/Funky/Disco fans in Italy (Bologna) This composition is from 2009 (and some elements of the 2009/2013 demo versions/release) and not 1975. The official released (x 2) version was 2013. Any Italian '1975 mix' tapes that contain this song features one of my 2009 demos which is currently not posted anywhere or available. All versions may sound a little 'Philly' here and there, but are not. That was/is my intention. There is a sample hi hat figure a number of times in these productions which was only recorded in 1999. It is on every demo and released version that has been available. So the demo that is spuriously on the 1975 mix tape contains a drum sample only recorded in 1999. Go figure!

BOBBY ELI R.I.P. - MFSB, TSOP, Salsoul Orchestra
This song/production (version), when/if released will be dedicated to my Philly friend Bobby Eli who recently passed away. We co wrote (along with Chiquita Green) and produced 'Soul Recession'/Double Exposure & 'There I go falling in love again'/Chiquita Green. He, along with all the MFSB, Salsoul, TSOP, PhillyGroove musicians, writers, producers etc inspired me and gave me hope for my music. I thank them all.

Demo 22 of 'WATW' from 2009 contains 2 Salsoul samples and I have decided not pursue clearance of these. I hoped it would be easy and would release it with the 2023 makeover of the song on an album I am working on (play this for latest version). It's a complicated procedure and will be expensive. Therefore I'll concentrate on updating the song, adding better guitar work, writing lyrics and recording a vocal. If that works, I'll release it. If not, back on the shelf so I can concentrate on another project. The updated version will contain elements from that 2009 demo 😊

Not Philly, not Detroit, not the USA, but London & MediaCityUK 
© Carl Dixon 

 ++ NOT for airplay - thank you ++ 

 Stay tuned for 'Sounds Like Vinyl' Mix 9

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