Monday, 20 July 2009

Vinyl Labels for Detroit session recordings

My wife spent hours yesterday designing the 45rpm labels for two Detroit recordings. The plan is to commission 2 x 45's (Tell me/Suddenly there's you) with instrumentals on the 'B' side. They are both getting some airplay here in the UK on BBC radio 6, Craig Charles Soul & Funk Show, with Peter Young, Ian Dewhirst, Richard Felstead and even Tony Blackburn up on Hull's KCFM! There has been a couple of lovely offers to do the vinyl for me and take that worry away, I intend to see this project through from the actual song writing to distribution and airplay, I would very much like to soldier on, maybe relying on these helpful people to guide me through with any difficulties I encounter. They are far more experienced than I, but again I feel obliged to continue as planned. Once done, I can maybe contact them with a view to other future projects and opportunities.

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