Friday, 12 June 2009

Finally! Detroit releases x 3

Finally a big fanfer as I am releasing three of the Detroit songs I recorded last year in the city.

Tell me (crying over you)/Spyder Turner
Suddenly there's you/Pree
Detroit (city by the river)/Bandtraxs

The tracks were completed March 2008 and were part of my Bandtraxs project, but I had to get my head around the music business and song registration protocols that are necessary for copyright reasons and royalties of course, before I dipped my toe in the water. The releases will be digital download first via Amazon/iTunes, to see what the interest is before I commit finances to the 45 rpms I have promised and indeed the Bandtraxs project CD which I am planning for later this year or early next.

Now, the songs are registered for writing and performer royalties should I be lucky enough to glean anything from air play, and of course as a 'label' I could maybe earn something to share with the performers on the session. But, it is early days yet, so my next step is to contact some of the radio DJ's I know with a view to seeing if they are interested in the material. It's all cloak and dagger stuff because I have sent so much already and not heard a thing! Maybe it's still a big secret.

Listen to the tracks here.

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